The Benefits of Flexographic Printing over Other Printing Methods

Flexography as a method of printing is older than most printing methods in existence. In flexographic printing, plates attached to a rotating cylinder are used to relay desired printouts on the material of choice. The plates are adjustable and can be modified to match the required size and space between images. Flexographic printing is appropriate for printing on porous, rough surfaces and for the best results, you will have to adopt suitable flex storage solutions in the form of a FlexStor flexcart and a flexstand to prevent damage to finished or continuing work.

How to Determine What to Write on Custom Wooden Wine Boxes

Custom wooden boxes are more commonly being used when giving the gift of liquor or wine to friends, co-workers and family members. Whether you choose to use a liquor box or wooden wine boxes, you can easily request a customized message or inscription on the box for personalization. These liquor and wine gift boxes often are highly cherished and may be displayed by the recipient long after the beverage has been consumed. Because the boxes are personalized in some way, they carry special meaning for the recipient. However, you must carefully plan out your inscription so that it is heartfelt and meaningful. When trying to decide what to write on your Ekan Concepts custom wood boxes, think about these options.