Top 4 Document Destruction Practices

All organizations have confidential information about their clients, suppliers, employees and the community that could be a target for fraud and theft. Organizations are spending more money to protect their information systems, especially during document destruction process. Here are tricks you can use to protect your information during hard drive destruction Glasgow or paper shredding process.

5 Places to Use Custom Mascots

Whether you're a school or a company, Hogtown mascot costumes are extremely popular. It's important to know all of the different places where you can use them. Don't assume that it's going to be a one-time use purchase. Once you have the costume, you might be surprised of all the places to bring your mascot.

Three Things to Remember When Purchasing a Pizza Bag

Pizza delivery bags are probably not something that you put much thought into. That first sentence may have eared them a few seconds of consideration in your mind. Now that you've started you must be thinking, "what would I do without them?". These achievements of modern technology are the unsung heroes of the restaurant business. Choosing the right bag for your pizzeria is a vital step in customer satisfaction. A poor pizza transport bag, or heaven forbid no transport bag, will reduce your culinary work of art to a soggy mess before it reaches your customer, and no one wants that. It is imperative that you choose the right bag for your needs. There are many Covertex pizza bags that use advanced internal heating elements to keep the product warm. We are fanatics about fresh food, so in the interest of getting the word out; let's discuss how to choose the right bag for your needs.