5 Places to Use Custom Mascots

Whether you’re a school or a company, mascot customes are extremely popular. It’s important to know all of the different places where you can use them. Don’t assume that it’s going to be a one-time use purchase. Once you have the costume, you might be surprised of all the places to bring your mascot.

1. Games

If there’s a game going on, be sure you have your mascot out there and cheering. High school and college mascots can be out on the field. The cheerleaders will love having the extra help. Plus, the crowd is sure to go wild.

If you’re a local company and have sponsored a local game, get your mascot out there. The mascot can be roaming the crowd, passing out samples, and simply helping everyone to have a little more fun.

2. Fairs

School fairs, county fairs, state fairs, and other fairs are a time when the community comes together. There might be hundreds or even thousands of people at the fair, which is a great time to show off your mascot. If you have a booth, let people come over and meet your mascot. You might be surprised by the number of people who want to have their photo taken with him or her. Be sure you create a hashtag for people to use, which will increase your social media engagement, too.

3. Fundraising Events

Anytime you have a fundraising event, your mascot should be out there. You want people to know who your mascot is so they know who your school or company is. Whenever you’re asking people to buy things or donate money, be sure you’re creating an entertaining atmosphere. Custom mascots might be able to do all sorts of tricks as a way of stirring up some added attention. Ensure you choose a costume that allows a person to move freely once they’re dressed up.

4. Malls

Shopping malls always have droves of people inside. Some people are on a mission to buy something while others are just walking around. Either way, you can have your mascot there to show off who you are and what you do. Whether you’re promoting a game, selling a product, or handing something out, you should be sure your mascot is the one interacting with people because they will get the attention that you need. A good source of information is the Hogtown Mascots Inc. website, which has more insights and resources available online.

5. On the Road

If you’re trying to get your team or your company some extra press, you need more eyes on you. There’s no better way to get people to look at you than by dressing up as your mascot on the side of the road. You can wave and even hand out flyers to people about an upcoming event or promotion. People are sure to look your way if nothing more than to figure out who you are.

Once you know more about the places to go, it will be easier to make the investment on custom mascots. You can get the costume and bring more notoriety to your brand.