7 Document Management Systems Frequently Asked Questions

Document management system is a system based on a computer program that helps organizations to track and manage documents. Document management systems reduce paperwork in organizations by making document storage easier and more efficient than before. However, most organizations still have unanswered questions regarding document management solutions.

1. Are document management systems valuable to small organizations?

Small businesses don’t have a vast number of files like large organizations. However, they still reap benefits from using document management solutions because every team wants to keep track of its information regardless of its size. It is an excellent way for companies to become effective in their respective sectors irrespective of the company’s size.

2. What is DMS?

DMS is an electronic filing cabinet that offers companies a framework for organizing all its paper and digital documents. DMS functions with scanners to convert paper documents into digital versions for secure document storage. They make documents and files readily available through their search engines.

3. How do documents get stored in the system?

You can add files to a document management system through various ways such as scanning paper documents or uploading them from your computer. Scanning capabilities are a major component of the system because scanning only takes a few seconds especially if you have the right technology package. Besides, a good scanning solution will make bulk scanning easy since it recognizes where separate documents begin and end.

4. Does a DMS function with other programs already being used in the company?

Most systems feature integration for QuickBooks, Salesforce, and Microsft Office among other well-known programs. However, other management systems also entail an application program interface that enables companies to customize integrations. A document management technology that has an open application program interface allows companies wishing to customize the DMS to suit their specific initiatives.

5. How do you access documents in the DMS?

Organizations can easily access information stored in a document management system through several ways such as searching the title of the file or the name of the document’s author. You can also access documents by searching the date when it was added to the DMS. Besides, the document management solution allows you to search for the content within the files.

6. What is the difference between cloud-based DMS and cloud storage?

Cloud storage acts as a place where documents are housed in the cloud. However, cloud-based DMS are more durable solutions to aid companies in managing important documents. Cloud storage does not have the collaboration, diverse and security automation features of a DMS.

7. What happens if a disaster strikes a company?

The major advantage of cloud-based solutions is that the organization’s data is safely stored off-site. DMS offers a backup plan for documents even in the event of destruction or damage of property. Your backups are stored off premise so you can be sure all your company’s data is safe. Are you interested in learning more? Visit CASNET for additional information.