Crucial Questions to Ask When Evaluating Stretch Film Manufacturers

By now you probably already know that finding a stretch film manufacturer and supplier isn’t a difficult task. In fact, the internet has made everything pretty easy with the current age where everything that is anything you need to know, you will find on the internet. All you have to do is get online and start typing “stretch film” or “stretch wrap” into your search engine and voila, you have all the resources you need to choose and read from. The only issue here now is that you may only end up finding a lot of unnecessary content in most of the amateur websites with most of them bragging about how their products are the best without actually giving you the reason why or even paying more attention to what you require.

And that is why you can go for a more detailed search online by typing something like “stretch wrap basics” or “stretch wrap buying guide”. From these searches, you are bound to find a lot of valuable content which will offer you exactly what you are looking for, and if not then at least something pretty close.

As with the most reputable companies, they will take their time and put much effort into how they manufacture, package and deliver their products to their customers and that is exactly what you will be looking for. And the same goes for their web pages, you will find only the relevant content. Remember, every business out there is looking for a quick sale, but only the reputable and serious businesses will take their time and effort to ensure your interests and preferences are key through the whole process.

There are many different stretch wrap salesmen all of which aim to sell you the stretch wrap you prefer and most of the time, you find that some of these salesmen only think of these stretch wraps as “commodities” or something that items or products that brings them cash and nothing more. As a matter of fact, you will even be shocked to find that over half of these salesmen don’t even know the use of the stretch wraps they themselves are so eager to sell to you. And their sales are usually based entirely on what you ask. This is what is called flea-market mentality which will not provide you any long-term value material.

Here is a list of questions you can ask your supplier or manufacturer whenever you are trying to make a selection on which stretch wrapper to purchase to evaluate them.

  1. How much stretch wrap do they sell in pounds?

You can use this to determine the supplier’s capacity to deliver the products, even in difficult times and determine the weight he has with the suppliers as well.

  1. What percentage does the overall company sales does the stretch wrap account for?

With this question, you can be able to determine whether the product is a filler one or the primary business product of the manufacturers. You want to be working with a supplier who takes the stretch wraps as their main product, not another afterthought.

  1. How many other manufacturers of stretch wraps do the company deal with?

Again, this question will let you know whether the suppliers are consistent or not. Having too many manufacturers can’t be a good sign as it also shows a limit in the manufacturers’ level of commitment to the suppliers.

  1. What are the service capabilities of the stretch wrap suppliers?

In most cases, you find that the company that sells the products are the ones responsible for the servicing. But still, you need to determine whether the supplier has qualified service technicians before you make any move to purchase anything.