How to Choose Different Types of Office Printers

An office printer is one of the items that almost every business require to run efficiently even with the increased use of technology. They come in different varieties, shapes, and sizes and the choice of one depend on the functions in a business and its workload. The laser and inkjet printers were the popular printers, but other types such as wireless, A3 printers, and 3D printers have now emerged with most of them holding a broad range of capabilities. Are you interested in learning more? Visit West X Business Solutions for additional information.

Choosing a Printer

Choosing an ideal printer for a small business may be tricky especially if you need it to perform specific functions. One of the biggest considerations to make while buying a printer is the price of the cartridges and the number of pages that a cartridge does. It is also important to consider the material that the printer prints and value their performance from the reviews online. Other factors may include the colored or monochrome features, wireless, duplex, and the air print.

There exist a broad range of office printers on the market that comes with different sizes and capabilities. Some of the popular printers include:

1. Inkjet Printers

They are the most popular printers due to their affordability and their ability to print both color and monochrome documents. The printers print at a relatively low speed making them ideal for a small business that does not perform a lot of printing. They are low maintenance compared to the laser printers and usually print color.

2. Laser Printers

The laser printers are taking over the printing industry at an alarming rate with the wireless laser printer being a favorite for most offices. The printers print large portions at one time unlike the one-line printing with inkjets making them a bit fast. Most of them print just in black and white although there is the colour laser printer that prints graphics and photos.

3. Multifunction printers/All-in-one

They are the best alternative office printers to use while performing different functions in a business such as a scan, copy, print, and fax. Some lasers and inkjets also have the multifunction feature hence the need to conduct a thorough research before buying.

The three are the most popular printers for small business that perform the basic functions available in every office. The lasers are ideal for businesses that print large quantities of data while the laser would be ideal for small amounts of data. It is ideal to purchase a multifunctional printer in case you do not have scanner, copier, and a fax in the office. A printer with ability to print both sides(duplex) is preferable than the one-side printing one due to their ability to save paper and printing time.