How to Determine What to Write on Custom Wooden Wine Boxes

Custom wooden boxes are more commonly being used when giving the gift of liquor or wine to friends, co-workers and family members. Whether you choose to use a liquor box or wooden wine boxes, you can easily request a customized message or inscription on the box for personalization. These liquor and wine gift boxes often are highly cherished and may be displayed by the recipient long after the beverage has been consumed. Because the boxes are personalized in some way, they carry special meaning for the recipient. However, you must carefully plan out your inscription so that it is heartfelt and meaningful. When trying to decide what to write on your custom wooden boxes, think about these options.

A Memorable Date
Because the gift of wine or liquor is usually given to commemorate a special occasion, the date may be important. For example, a wedding date will become an anniversary date. A birthday, a college graduation day or something else may also need to be remembered and celebrated. The simple elegance of inscribing the box with the date in a gorgeous font is a wonderful idea that can have meaning and timeless appeal.

The Simple Approach of Names
Another idea is to inscribe the box with the names or initials of the recipient. For example, if the wine or liquor is being given to a couple as a wedding gift, the couple’s first names or initials may be inscribed on the box. The last name may also carry significance because the two individuals are becoming a family and taking the same last name.

A Meaningful Phrase or Quote
You can also find a short, meaningful phrase or quote to add to the box. Typically, space is limited on these boxes, and you want to the font to be large enough to be legible from a few feet away or more if it will be displayed later in a home or office. However, many phrases and quotes are only a few words long, and they can pack a powerful punch for the recipient. You can look online to locate quotes or phrases that may work well for the occasion.

Custom wooden wine boxes and liquor boxes are a wonderful way to make a special gift even more unique and personalized. While many people love the gift of liquor or wine, the customized box often turns into a home or office décor piece that is displayed for others to see for years to come. If you have decided to give the gift of liquor or wine, consider ordering your personalized liquor box or wine box today with a custom inscription on it. More helpful information can be found at Ekan Concepts.

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