How To Fix System Thread Exception Not Handled Error In Windows 10

Likely there is a spoiler in the registry outside of your settings but in a position that still affects your settings. I think I will go one setting at a time adding it back to the registry until I figure out what is causing the problem. The main causes of Registry corruption on PCs are… Right-clickCommand Promptapplication and selectRun as Administrator. PressWindows+Rto prompt theRuncommand dialogue box.

Here’s how to fix corrupted files with two built-in Windows repair tools. These system file checkers will detect and repair any corrupted system files they find.

  • No worries, there are a few ways to fix the blue screen error that haunts users periodically.
  • This is often caused by dirty or broken registry.
  • This article describes how to recover a Windows XP system that does not start because of corruption in the registry.

Audio drivers are very necessary for our system, without it we cannot hear any sound from our speakers. It is the most common driver on your computer that will help you to play sound on your system. Use Driver Booster to fix all of your driver issues on PC for FREE!

Using Linux Registry Recovery Software

I get the same pixelated video like you get with plex and wrong driver. I was on Plex ver. 1.18 and updated to 1.21 and all H.265 files play now. I am having the same issue with saving after pasting. I were able to save if i wrote ” manually but i am still getting issues with x265. I’ve went to the settings on plex player app and changed the subtitles burn in to “burn in image formats only”. Now you can close this text window and head back into the app centre to restart the Plex media server application. Click on the Plex logo in the app centre and then in the next window, click the down arrow to select the option to ‘stop’ the Plex media server application.

Through the registry, you can add and remove icons from the desktop like recycle bin. You can do this by creating a text file or files in the notepad. Type the command prompts like showbin.reg or hidebin.reg and then double click the file. Desktop space can be cleaned using the registry. History lists can also be cleaned by creating files such as cleanmru.reg and then you also need to double click the file. If you’re sharing computers, you can maintain privacy through the registry.

Method 1: View Crash Logs With Event Viewer

Try to install the update manually, by following the instructions above. error 0x80073CF9 windows 10 We’ve got solutions for your Windows 10 problems, whether you’re suffering from uncontrollable scrolling, update issues or your cursor moving on its own. Before I end, I would like to share W10Privacy app that may not help you automatically detect problems and fix them, but can surely fix common annoyances of Windows 10. I have previously talked about this app and how it can help optimize your Windows experience. Apart from these repair tools, Windows Repair also comes with some paid functions that are mostly geared toward optimizing for better performance. There is also a free auto Registry backup tool that can be very useful if you mess around with Registry often.

If you can still find some data, back them up to an empty disk. You can also use the CHKDSK command to repair the file allocation table.

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