Top 4 Document Destruction Practices

All organizations have confidential information about their clients, suppliers, employees and the community that could be a target for fraud and theft. Organizations are spending more money to protect their information systems, especially during document destruction process. Here are tricks you can use to protect your information during hard drive destruction or paper shredding process.

1. Secure destruction of information

Each company needs to implement a strategic and integrated way of document destruction. Several options are available for companies that want to destruct information safely. The method a company uses is based on their way of storing information. For instance, some companies only store their data in paper files, so they rely on paper shredding services for their information destruction. Other organizations only store their data in computers, so they sought hard drive destruction services. The latter is essential especially when an organization is upgrading computers. Other companies use both methods of data destruction.

2. Shred regularly

The policy of shredding all or regularly is an essential step towards achieving information security. Organizations need to standardize destruction of documents processes to meet the rules and regulations and align them with the security objectives and needs. The policy of shredding all documents is a safe way of making sure that there are no leaks of an organization’s sensitive information to outside sources such as criminal groups. Additionally, organizations should ensure regular disposal of paper waste so that it does not accumulate. Besides, companies should train their employees on secure data destruction procedures, update data destruction policies based on updated legislation, and conduct regular security assessments to identify vulnerability and potential risk areas.

3. Shred with an expert

Most organizations are tasked with deciding between shredding documents on their own or hiring an expert. It is advisable to hire a third party to shred on your behalf. Most companies lack the expertise required to carry out this process; therefore, hiring a third party for the task becomes inevitable. Additionally, it frees up your workers to ensure that they concentrate on other matters in the organization. The Shred-it website has more online resources and references available.

4. Shred before recycling

You might think that when you throw paper into your recycling bit, you are just keeping your environment clean. However, you need to look into the security of the information on the paper you have thrown into the recycle bin. Loose paper is unattended before it gets to the recycling plant. Therefore, anyone can access the information on that paper through theft or misplacement. You can serve the environment and still adhere to responsible business practices. The best way to do that is by shredding papers before recycling them so that your company’s information is still secure before recycling.

These practices will ensure that all your organization data is secured. They will help you meet the regulations of the state regarding information destruction. Secure your company’s reputation by following the practices.