Top Six Benefits of Using Stretch Film for Commercial Shipping

Stretch film is a shipping wonder. For light or heavy loads, packaging film offers a range of applications and benefits.

1. You Can Use It to Protect Items

Puncture resistant stretch film has qualities that enable it to absorb inadvertent impacts from hard objects. Subsequently, items incur less damage in transit. Further, some shippers have to move furniture, heavy equipment and other large objects that cannot be boxed. Max film, a stretchy film that provides premium puncture resistance, offers extreme protection of unwieldy and sometimes fragile items.

2. It Closes Individual Packages

Suppose your busy department ran out of packing tape. Stretch film can cover you. In fact, a roll of the durable film on a hand dispenser helps shippers do their jobs faster than sticky and picky tape. After trying film on your packages, it might become your preferred box fastener.

3. You Can Use It to Group Packages

Sometimes, you have to ship multiple boxes that you would rather keep together. You can easily join them with film. Thus, two or more packages become one until someone on the other end of the shipping equation uncouples them.

4. It Helps Shippers Keep Pallet Stacks Intact

If you work long enough in a warehouse, you will see transit-ready pallets with film wrapped around them. Such an application helps items stacked upon a pallet resist forces that could otherwise topple them from their formation. Once the pallet arrives at its destination, workers can easily use a box knife to cut off the film and dismantle the stack. Visit Malpack Corp for additional resources.

5. You Can Color Code Your Shipments

Stretch film is sold in a broad spectrum of colors. Shipping professionals can use those diverse colors to determine which pallets belong on which outbound truck. Dyed films are also employed when truck drivers must make multiple drops. Use shipping film’s color range as you see fit for your operation!

6. It Lets You Stack Pallets Creatively

Industrial packaging film also offers support for unusual configurations of boxes. Certainly, you can build taller than usual stacks with shipping film, but you can also use it to place a wider layer above the base layer of a pallet stack. Using film liberally will help your department defy convention and move more efficiently.

Now that you know stretch film’s pluses, take a moment to add some rolls to your packaging material arsenal. This crucial tool could turn you into a shipping hero!